2D1N Package


To travel Orangutan Tourism Tanjung Putting National Park with a duration of 2 days / 1 night you must have been in Pangkalan Bun / kumai on the day of departure because Orangutan Tourism will start in the morning at 08.00AM.

At 08.00 am to Tanjung Puting National Park, Klotok, for approximately 20 minutes from the pier will enter the river Sekonyer, along the morning journey we will see on the edge of the river a variety of plants typical of Kalimantan's tropical forest, and we will see on the river , Monkeys, proboscis monkeys, which hung on trees.

After walking the river for about 3 hours, we will arrive at Camp Leakey. Upon arrival, lunch, after a short rest we will head into the forest, to the feeding location of orangutans (Feeding), feeding around 02.00PM, to get to this location we are down a small lane in the forest.

Finish here back to the boat then dinner and overnight around the lake location of the leakey camp area.


In the morning on the river's edge in Camp Leakey area, we will hear the sounds of birds and forest animals in shout. After waking up you will be served breakfast, while looking at the scenery around Klotok.

Klotok will take the river to go to Pondok Tanggui, before 09.00 AM, must be in Pondok Tanggui to see orangutan feeding. Then we will go to the orangutan feeding location, enter the forest by walking about 20 minutes.

Here you will see orangutans coming from the jungle to a stage provided for feeding, finish here back to the boat and have lunch, then travel on and continue downstream to the Cape of Tanjung Harapan. After arriving at TanjungHarapan, head straight to the orangutan feeding location for about 20 minutes into the forest, here feeding at 3PM.

After seeing the feeding in Tanjun Hrapan, Klotok return, then continue the journey to the nipah tree here you will see flying animals firefly flashing between the trees while enjoying dinner, finished dinner and then continue the journey Back to Kumai, after arriving at the kumai, you are transferred to the hotel where you are staying.


Information  :

  1. The number of tour members can be for = 1 person and maximum unlimited
  2. Accommodation during sleep on the boat is available: Mattress, Pillow, Mosquito Net and bath using shower